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As a company with a long tradition, we are aware of our social and cultural responsibility. Values such as tolerance, cosmopolitanism, diversity and sustainability are firmly anchored in our corporate culture and shape our actions and commitment. In accordance with our expertise in film production, our multifaceted corporate commitment focuses on supporting young talents and upcoming filmmakers, but we also promote a wide range of local social initiatives.

For the soccer season 2020/21, Studio Babelsberg is the main sponsor of SV Babelsberg 03, the largest soccer club in Potsdam, based in the district of Babelsberg. We not only share more than 100 years of tradition in the same location, but also a common attitude against racism, discrimination and intolerance. The partnership – represented by our logo on the players' jerseys – also includes the promotion of common values through various activities.

Studio Babelsberg partners with the Film University “Konrad Wolf” and the Babelsberger Filmgymnasium. We work closely with both institutions in the fields of education as well as on events and student projects to improve our local commitment.

We are co-initiators of STARTBÜRO Babelsberg, which since 2015 has been supporting outstanding film projects of the graduates from the Film University "Konrad Wolf" with one-year scholarships. The winning teams enjoy the benefits of free co-working space at the Marlene-Dietrich-Halle on the lot, financial support as well as our professional advice and mentoring during the scholarship.

For years, we have been supporting the film festival sehsüchte, the largest international student film festival in Europe and meeting point for upcoming international filmmakers:

© Saskian Schubert

We also support the German Actors Award, Deutscher Schauspielpreis.

© Eva Oertwig

Moreover, we support selected newcomer projects and invest reference subsidies, granted for our involvement in international co-productions, in German film productions: Co-Productions.


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