Suburban Train Mock-Up

Studio Babelsberg offers a full-sized mock-up of a modern suburban train with an adjacent passenger platform. The flexible set can be transformed into any regional rail or subway.

The scale model of the passenger car is very realistic with its exterior and interior design and front end and side views. The design of the entrance areas and the fully equipped passenger compartments can be modified on request. While the vehicle body is made of wood, the interior is mainly built from original parts including seats, handrails, lighting, and flooring. Individual doors are fully functional and equipped with acoustic and visual signals.

Technical Data

  • 59 ft x 10 ft (18 m x 3.1 m)
  • Automatic doors
  • Acoustic and visual signals
  • Driver’s cabin
  • Adjacent passenger deck 45 ft x 6.5 ft (13.7 m x 2 m)
  • Installed green screen and lighting rig

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Eike Wolf

Director Studio Operations & Marketing
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Nicole Daunke

Stage Rental

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