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Stages 1 - 3


The historical Marlene-Dietrich-Halle is one of the largest sound stage facilities in Europe with a total area of 60,000 sq ft and a height of 46 ft. An ideal stage for larger set construction and green screen shoots. Aside from the middle sound stage (Stage 2) with 22,316 sq ft, the Marlene-Dietrich-Halle consists of two further sound stages with a surface of around 17,760 sq ft each.

Stage 3 houses DARK BAY, one of Europe's largest, most modern, permanently installed LED studios for virtual film productions. The stage offers a 180.5-feet-circumference and 23-feet-high LED wall, which consists of a total of 1470 state-of-the-art 2.3 LED panels on which 2D and 3D worlds of all kinds can be realized. Thanks to an LED ceiling, various scenic set-ups are possible.

Grosse Süd

Stage 1

Length x width183 ft x 98 ft
Working height41 ft
Total floor space17,911 sq ft
Height43 ft

Floor planPhotos

Stage 2

Length x width186 ft x 120 ft
Working height41 ft
Total floor space22,316 sq ft
Height46 ft

Floor planPhotos
Große Nord / Dark Bay

Stage 3

Length x width183 ft x 98 ft
Working height41 ft
Total floor space17,890 sq ft
Height47 ft

Floor plan

DARK BAY Virtual Production Studio

Instead of the green/blue screen and a complex post-production process, digital backgrounds can now be created in advance as a 3D world and displayed on the LED wall in real time for filming. The unique 'Revolving Stage' rotates real sets 360° in a matter of minutes and provides additional physical space for sets in front of the LED wall, making it possible to connect and move between real and fictional worlds without restrictions.


The Marlene-Dietrich-Halle with its rich tradition was built in 1926 for Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and has functioned since then as a backdrop for numerous film classics, such as Frau im Mond (English title Woman in the Moon) or The Blue Angel. Impressive sets are constructed in the sound stage to this day. In the last years among others for Inglourious Basterds, Unknown Identity, The Ghost Writer, Cloud Atlas, A Cure for Wellness, Homeland or Babylon Berlin.

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Other Sound Stages

Stage 4
30 m x 20 m x 9,9 m
98 ft x 66 ft x 32 ft
Stage 5
30 m x 20 m x 10,1 m
98 ft x 66 ft x 33 ft
Stage 6
25 m x 18 m x 9 m
82 ft x 59 ft x 30 ft
Stage 7
25 m x 18 m x 9 m
82 ft x 59 ft x 30 ft
Stage 8
34,7 m x 19 m x 7,7 m
114 ft x 62 ft x 25 ft
Stage 9
34,7 m x 19 m x 7,7 m
114 ft x 62 ft x 25 ft
Stage 10
27,2 m x 21,2 m x 10 m
89 ft x 70 ft x 33 ft
Stage 11
22 m x 16,6 m x 7,9 m
72 ft. x 54 ft x 26 ft

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