Filming in Germany

Germany offers film producers one-of-a-kind production conditions. Besides a number of attractive shooting locations, state-of-the-art studios and internationally experienced film crews, the German film industry has a reliable and attractive incentive program for film and TV productions.

Studio Babelsberg supports international and German producers either as co-producer or as production service provider with a complete range of services in all production phases. On top of one of the largest stage complexes in Europe we, furthermore, provide internationally renowned production services through our subsidiary Studio Babelsberg Motion Pictures as well as first-rate decoration and set construction with our Art Department Studio Babelsberg.

The comprehensive range of services, highest technical standards as well as the extensive professional experience of our employees equally guarantee efficient workflows, cost-effective productions and highest quality.

Film funding & Incentives

25% cash rebate plus regional project funding

Several attractive incentives and film funding programs are available in Germany to international and German filmmakers. Production activities in the film industry are annually supported with 140 million euros on the federal level. The established German Federal Film Fund (DFFF) with its two columns DFFF I and DFFF II comprises 125 million euros annually and promotes German and international film projects with a grant of up to 25 % of production costs accrued in Germany (so called “German spend”). With a yearly volume of 30 million euros, the German Motion Pictures Fund additionally supports the production of internationally co-produced feature films, high-end series and VoD formats with large budgets.

On top of that, nearly all federal states in Germany also have efficient state funding supporting all types of productions as long as they have incurred costs locally. The annual budget of the regional film funding institutions amounts to over 170 million euros.

At Studio Babelsberg, producers benefit from our long-standing experience and a wide range of services in the field of governmental relations and funding management. We find the perfect solution for every film and for every budget.

Numerous successful productions have benefited in the last years from the German incentive programs, among others The Reader, Inglourious Basterds, The Monuments Men, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Bridge of Spies, The Hunger Games, Uncharted or John Wick: Chapter 4 and also series as Homeland, Berlin Station and Dark.


Endless variety of settings

Germany offers the most diverse shooting locations in Europe: islands, seas, mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, forests, medieval ruins, historic castles and fortresses as well as modern industrial centers, urban architecture and much more.

Studio Babelsberg’s ideal location, only few minutes away from trendy metropolis Berlin, makes numerous film locations easily accessible. It also holds a highly modern infrastructure in store. This makes the studio one of the most attractive production sites in Europe.

We possess one of the most comprehensive data banks for locations all over Europe. We support the projects during their research phase and their location scouts. Our expert team also offers services for smooth filming, such as shooting permits and location management.

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