Sound Stages

Stages 10 - 12

Our high-tech complex offers three broadly equipped sound stages for film, television and commercial productions:

  • Stage 10 with a possible green screen (including coving), blue screen or black molleton perimeter and height adjustable ceiling trusses
  • Stage 11 is custom-designed for SFX, offering a powerful ventilation system for pyrotechnic effects and a strong drainage system for filming with water
  • Stage 12 houses Volucap, the first volumetric video capture studio on the European continent, located on 173 sqm (1,866 sq ft) and equipped with 32 cameras for state-of-the-art VR and AR projects using 3D Human Body Reconstruction software - further information and contact here.

Volucap offers the world's highest resolution and a unique light system. People in motion can be scanned easily, authentically and three-dimensionally. By using a specially developed recording technology, film can be accessed and experienced interactively. The studio is not only attractive for digital media, but also for medical technology and industrial applications such as Industry 4.0 or Construction 4.0 as well as for e-learning.


Stage 10

Length x width 89 ft x 70 ft
Working height24.6 ft
Total floor space 6,207 sq ft
Height33 ft

Floor planPhotos

Stage 11

Length x width72 ft x 54 ft
Working height24.6 ft
Total floor space3,931 sq ft
Height26 ft

Floor planPhotos

Stage 12

Length x width53 ft x 35 ft
Working height19.68 ft
Total floor space1,866 sq ft
Height20 ft

Floor plan

The features two cinema auditoriums, conference rooms and areas for rent, e.g. for events, as well as 3.000 sqm of office space on four floors and an underground parking lot. For more information please visit the website of Babelsberg.


Contact us

Eike Wolf

Director Studio Operations & Marketing
Member of the Management Board

P. +49 331 721 21 07

Nicole Daunke

Stage Rental

P. +49 331 721 21 06

Other Sound Stages

Stage 1
55,84 m x 29,80 m x 13 m
183 ft x 98 ft x 43 ft
Stage 16
33,3 m x 22,2 m x 11,5 m
109 ft x 73 ft x 38 ft
Stage 17
33,3 m x 22,2 m x 11,5 m
109 ft x 73 ft x 38 ft
Stage 18
98,8 m x 19,98 m x 9,1 m
324 ft x 66 ft x 30 ft
Stage 19
71,8 m x 59,9 m x 11,5 m
236 ft x 196 ft x 38 ft
Stage 20
144,65 m x 48,70 m x 10,3 m
474 ft x 160 ft x 34 ft
Stage 21
49,4 m x 24,0 m x 10,2 m
162 ft x 79 ft x 33 ft
Stage 22
25,75 m x 38,75 m x 11 m
84 ft x 127 ft x 36 ft

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