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TPG Real Estate Partners agrees to acquire majority stake in Studio Babelsberg AG

Studio Babelsberg’s main shareholder, Filmbetriebe Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, has today entered an agreement with the company TPG Real Estate Partners (TREP) which enables TREP to acquire a majority stake in Studio Babelsberg AG. The agreement includes a public tender offer to all shareholders of the company in the coming week. The management and supervisory board welcome this public offer and will support the investment.

Dr. Carl Woebcken, CEO, and Christoph Fisser, COO of Studio Babelsberg AG, comment:

"On behalf of the management board, we welcome and support TREP’s investment in Studio Babelsberg AG. TREP’s network and financing capabilities as well as Studio Babelsberg’s solid business foundation will strengthen our position globally as a leading production hub in Europe. Together, we want to expand our operations and secure investments in new technologies and production methods.”

Roland Folz, chairman of the Studio Babelsberg AG supervisory board, adds:

“The supervisory board is informed about the cooperation negotiations and supports the tender offer. We are convinced that TREP’s investment will make the company even more competitive in the future.”

The offer documents will be published in due course at and will further be distributed via the federal gazette. The management will not comment further until the public offer is announced.

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