German-Chinese collaboration: Wuxi Studio and Studio Babelsberg announce cooperation

Potsdam Babelsberg, Monday 27. February 2017

The Chinese film studio Wuxi Studio and Studio Babelsberg will work together in the future on a project-by-project basis. The aim of the cooperation is to realise German-Chinese co-productions and exchange expertise about personnel and film technology. To this end, the establishment of a joint production service unit on an international level is being planned.

Dr. Carl Woebcken, President/CEO Studio Babelsberg AG: “We are looking forward to this cooperation. The modern film studios in Wuxi offer excellent conditions. Studio Babelsberg will be contributing its expertise in the areas of production services and the realisation of international film productions to the cooperation.”

The studios want to enter into a long-term cooperation in the areas of production and marketing. The aim of the cooperation is to promote the internationalisation of the Wuxi Studios and provide Studio Babelsberg with access to the Chinese film market.

The Wuxi Studio is very well established in the Chinese market and has made a large number of Chinese and international productions. The main areas of expertise at the Wuxi Studio include digital film technologies, postproduction, the further development of new technologies, production services and financing.



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