Studio Babelsberg Art Department designs "Star Trek" Premiere

Potsdam Babelsberg, Tuesday 28. April 2009

The Red Carpet at the Germany premiere of Star Trek in Berlin held a surprise for press photographers and guests: it was blue this time. Moreover, the access to the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz led through a 33ft. long and 23ft. high “tunnel”, in the shape of the well-known Enterprise-Signet. This spectacular backdrop, as well as the promotion walls for the media representatives on-site, was built by the Art Department Studio Babelsberg. About 20 craftsmen from all kinds of crafts had brought to life the vision of designer Tino Schädler for this task in the Babelsberg facilities as well as on location at Potsdamer Platz. For Studio Babelsberg, Jörg Winter acted as architect in charge.

Michael Düwel, Managing Director of the Art Department, says: “For the second time after Monsters vs. Aliens, we have successfully cooperated with the event agency Chest of Wonders, assigned by distributor Paramount. We are happy to be able to demonstrate our handcraft and our specialized qualities on such projects.”

The Art Department is the creative and technical heart of the Studio, the unit that moves a project’s production design from planning through execution. This business unit consists of a carpentry, a molding and painting workshop and a locksmith’s workshop as well as prep and pre-construction areas. Beside numerous national and international film productions, the Art Department continues to acquire jobs from theater companies, trade shows, hotels, event planners and advertising productions.

The recent Star Trek production goes back to the roots of the space-saga. The plot tells how the characters of the cult series first met. Almost the entire “bridge” of the USS Enterprise had travelled to Berlin for the premiere: Director J.J. Abrams and his cast including Chris Pine (James Tiberius Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock), Zoe Saldana (Lt. Nyota Uhura), John Cho (Lt. Hikaru Sulu), Karl Urban (Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy), Simon Pegg (Montgomery „Scotty“ Scott) and Eric Bana (Nero).

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