Studio Babelsberg Announces Exciting Co-Production to Film at Babelsberg

Danish director Ole Christian Madsen joins hands with Studio Babelsberg on first co-production with Studio.

By: Miriam Rönn
Potsdam Babelsberg, Friday 25. May 2007

Bond-villain Mads Mikkelsen plays glowing patriot Criton in new movie / filming in Babelsberg until May 18th.

“Berlin Street” on Studio Babelsberg’s back-lot once again provides the exciting filming location for an all-star cast European feature film directed by Ole Christian Madsen who is working in Germany for the first time. The Danish-German co-production, Flame & Criton, features Mads Mikkelsen, Christian Berkel, Hanns Zischler and Thure Lindhardt, among others in this World War 2 thriller, based on a true story.

The film tells the story of the two most sought after men in Denmark in 1944: (if this is historic, we need first names, I know that’s not the custom in Germany.) Fame und Criton.

Because of our successful collaboration with Paul Verhoeven on his film “Black Book”, we were excited to bring our know-how to another European co-production.
Sonja B. Zimmer,
Production Executive,
Studio Babelsberg Motion Pictures

The one, an adventurer, the other, a glowing patriot, are out to kill Danish collaborators on behalf of the resistance. When Flame is ordered to kill his mysterious lover, Ketty, he begins to doubt his mission. Soon the two friends end up between fronts and in danger of losing their lives. In the style of genre-cinema, Flame & Criton tells an emotional and dramatic parable with far-reaching political implications.

Art Department Studio Babelsberg constructed the interior sets on stages 1 and 2 of the Studio’s fx-Center, and dressed two streets on the back-lot to double for Nazi-occupied Copenhagen. The complex interiors were furnished with extravagant wall-panels for which the set-dressing workshops created over 200 yards of exquisite new drapes. The Studio’s props house contributed numerous pieces to complete the sets including furniture, lamps, fabrics, kitchen utensils and other period amenities.

Recreating and visually capturing a relatively unknown chapter in German and European history makes this a unique project for Studio Babelsberg Motion Pictures’ Production Executive Sonja B. Zimmer. “Because of our successful collaboration with Paul Verhoeven on his film “Black Book”, we were excited to bring our know-how to another European co-production. So far, our collaboration with Nimbus Film and Wüste Film has been an outstanding and successful experience. We are perfectly on schedule.”

Principal photography in Babelsberg began on April 30th and is scheduled to continue through May 18th. 15 of the 44 days of principal photography are taking place in Babelsberg, with further filming in Prague and Copenhagen.

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