Studio Babelsberg and Joel Silver Form Strategic Alliance

Studio Babelsberg AG and Hollywood producer Joel Silver have formalized a relationship to produce feature films at the world’s oldest film studio

Potsdam Babelsberg, Wednesday 03. December 2008

Studio Babelsberg Group has entered into an agreement with one of Joel Silver’s companies to acquire an interest in the profits generated from the current slate of Dark Castle films.

Over the past four years, Joel Silver has produced, in association with Studio Babelsberg AG, several of his films at the historic film studio including V for Vendetta, Speed Racer and Ninja Assassin. These films, released (or to be released) world-wide by Warner Bros., were produced under Silver’s production deal with Warner Bros.

The new deal expands upon the partnership between Silver and Studio Babelsberg. A central component is Studio Babelsberg's role as co-producer in future films produced by Dark Castle.  Furthermore, the agreement anticipates that a number of films from this slate will be produced at Studio Babelsberg.

"We broaden our business platform, this is our first opportunity to generate co-producer profits from world-wide distribution, participating in the commercial success of Dark Castle.”
Dr. Carl Woebcken
CEO Studio Babelsberg AG

Responding to the new arrangement, Dr. Carl Woebcken, CEO Studio Babelsberg AG says, "We are very proud to partner with Joel Silver, one of the most successful and respected feature film producers. The partnership with Silver opens entirely new possibilities for the development of our own business: we get a more predictable order income for our studio operations, allowing us to create a steady work flow for our stage rental, production services, set construction and art department divisions over the next five years. In addition, we broaden our business platform, this is our first opportunity to generate co-producer profits from world-wide distribution, participating in the commercial success of Dark Castle.”

Joel Silver adds, “I have just completed filming my third film at Studio Babelsberg.  It is an outstanding facility with great crews and the team at the studio are fantastic co-production partners.  I look forward to future film collaborations.”

About Joel Silver
One of the most prolific and successful producers in the history of motion pictures, Joel Silver has produced over 52 films, including the groundbreaking Matrix trilogy, the blockbuster four-part Lethal Weapon series and the seminal action films Die Hard and Predator. To date, Silver’s catalog of films have earned a combined gross of over $10 billion worldwide, averaging over $200 million per picture.

About Dark Castle
Dark Castle Entertainment, Joel Silver’s successful genre label, produces thrillers, action pictures and action comedies.  The label, launched in 1999 with co-founder Robert Zemeckis with the release of the number one hit House on Haunted Hill, is headquartered at Warner Bros. and has a comprehensive distribution arrangement with the Studio to release the company’s upcoming slate of 15 films, all of which are 100% financed by Dark Castle through its agreement with CIT Communications, Media & Entertainment.

About Studio Babelsberg
Studio Babelsberg is the oldest large-scale studio complex in the world and one of Europe’s leading service providers for feature films and TV productions. For over 95 years, film history has been made in Studio Babelsberg. Countless renowned filmmakers have worked with Studio Babelsberg, engaging the studio to produce small and big films. With a complete set of services that make Studio Babelsberg a one-stop-shop, the studio employs one of the best crews in the world and is well known for its unique production service, skillful set construction department and huge prop shops. Many of Germany’s most famous films were produced in the stages and facilities at Studio Babelsberg, including Fritz Lang's Metropolis and Josef von Sternberg's The Blue Angel, starring Marlene Dietrich.

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