1. FolderFilming in Germany, Film Production Services, Soft Money Incentives Germany Filming in Germany: film studios, stages, film production, set construction and production services for international film producers and filmmakers. Studio Babelsberg Motion Pictures is your partner for soft money incentives and film financing solutions.
    1. Page100th Anniversary of Studio Babelsberg 2012 celebrates the Studio Babelsberg its 100th anniversary and supports the theme year "of Potsdam, 2011 - City of the film" at various regional activities.
    2. PageInternational Producers We are your reliable partner for all incentive, soft money and financing solutions. German film found support international Filmmakers, Producers and Co-Producers.
    3. PageGerman producers Studio Babelsberg guarantee an efficient workflow, cost-efficient production, highest quality. We can co-produce and thus help finance important German productions.
  2. FolderServices 
    1. FolderSound Stages and Backlots Studio Babelsberg offers international filmmakers a full range of production services: 16 sound stages, various back lots, exterior sets and historical sound-proof stages.
      1. PageStages 1 - 3 Germany Sound Stages: Marlene-Dietrich-Stage, total area: 60,000 sq. ft.
      2. PageStages 4 - 7 Germany Sound Stages: Tonkreuz, total area: 22,600 sq. ft.
      3. PageStages 8 - 9 Germany Sound Stages: Neue West, total area: 7147 sq. ft.
      4. PageStages 10 - 12 Our fx.Center offers three broadly equipped sound stages for film, television, and commercial production
      5. PageStages 14 - 17 Germany Sound Stages: Neue Ost, total area: 7147 sq. ft.
      6. PageStages 18 - 19 Germany Sound Stages: Neue Film 1, total area: 69,640 sq. ft.
      7. PageStages 20 - 21 Germany Sound Stages: Neue Film 2, total area: 91,070 sq. ft.
      8. PageMetropolitan Backlot Our spacious backlots and the flexible set "Metropolitan Backlot", immediately adjacent to the sound stages, offer a wide range of sets and space for new construction.
      9. PageWater Tank Water and Underwater Filming: Studio Babelsberg offers Germany’s largest indoor water tank. The water tank can be used for film, TV and commercial productions of any scope and complexity.
      10. PageSuburban Train Mock-Up Our full-sized suburban train mock-up can be transformed into any regional rail or subway.
    2. PageProduction Services Studio Babelsberg Motion Pictures - the perfect production partner for your shoot in Germany and elsewhere. Get more information on our production services and film incentives in Germany.
    3. PageCo-productions Studio Babelsberg act as co-producer or experienced production service service supporting international and local prdducers.
    4. FolderSet Construction The Art Department is the creative and technical heart of Studio Babelsberg. We plan and realize the complete set construction for film and TV projects.
      1. PageFilm Studio Babelsberg have built a solid reputation of planning and executing highly realistic film sets and providing technical expertise that internationally producers and directors around the world have come to rely on.
      2. PageTelevision Art Department Studio Babelsberg plans and builds sets for talk shows, TV series and TV movies.
      3. PageTheater In collaboration with national and international artists - the Art Department Studio Babelsberg plan and build backdrops for theater and opera.
      4. PageExhibitions The Studio Babelsberg media designers and architects brings together text, exhibition objects and multi media interaction.
      5. PageBrandlands The Art Department Studio Babelsberg provides for the creation of brand and corporate worlds a comprehensive and complex full-service.
      6. PageTheme Parks The Art Department Studio Babelsberg implemented brandscapes and theme parks (brandscapes) based on the know-how from major film productions.
      7. PageEvents Studio Babelsberg Art Department: We implement events, corporate events and parties based on our know-how from major film productions.
      8. PageSpecial Construction The Art Department Studio Babelsberg created prototypes (mock-ups) as a template for serial production.
    5. FolderProps | Costumes Studio Babelsberg stands ready to be a trusted partner for all your set dressing and production design needs. Our on-site rental house offers over a million props from various time periods as well as a wide selection of design and build services.
      1. PageProps The Studio Babelsberg props and set dressing warehouse offers more than one million props from every and any historical period.
      2. PageCostume Department Studio Babelasberg has more than 250,000 costumes for film and television productions, stored with loving care in its on-the-lot warehouse.
  3. FolderCorporate 
    1. FolderManagement Team 
      1. PageBoard of Directors The Board of Directors of Studio Babelsberg AG: Dr. Carl L. Woebcken, President and Chief Executive Officer Studio Babelsberg AG, Managing Director Studio Babelsberg Motion Pictures; Christoph Fisser, Vice President Studio Babelsberg AG; Marius Schwarz Chief Financial Officer Studio Babelsberg AG
      2. PageExecutives Managing Directors Studio Babelsberg Motion Pictures: Henning Molfenter, Dr. Carl L. Woebcken; Art Department Studio Babelsberg: Michael Düwel
      3. PageBoard of Supervisors Studio Babelsberg AG, Board of Supervisors: Dr. Christian Franckenstein, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors; Dr. Roland Folz Vice Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, CFO; Dr. Bertrand Malmendier, Member of the Board of Supervisors
    2. PageAbout us Since 1912 film history has been made in Studio Babelsberg. We are the oldest large-scale studio complex in the world and one of Europe’s leading service providers for feature films and TV productions. Studio Babelsberg is involved in many film productions as a producer as well as increasing film financier.
    3. FolderHistory Studio Babelsberg will celebrate its 100th anniversary - we invite you to take a look at the history of the world’s oldest large-scale film studio.
      1. Page1912 to 1932 The first film production in Babelsberg: "The Dance of Death" by Urban Gad, February 1912. The Universum Film AG (UFA) produced 1926 "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang.
      2. Page1933 to 1945 Apart from the propaganda films during this time entertainment movies are made: "Munchausen", "The Feuerzangenbowle" with Heinz and Hans Albers.
      3. Page1946 to 1990 In May 1946 the German-Soviet joint-stock company "DEFA" was founded. Her first film, "Die Mörder sind unter uns" by Wolfgang Staudte, with Hildegard Knef und Ernst Wilhelm Borchert.
      4. Page1990 to 2004 The former DEFA film studios in Babelsberg will be sold to the company Compagnie Generale des Eaux (Vivendi Universal) in 1992.
      5. Page2004 to present In July 2004, Vivendi Universal sells Studio Babelsberg to FBB – Filmbetriebe Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, operated by Dr. Carl Woebcken and Christoph Fisser.
    4. FolderJobs & Career 
      1. FolderJob Listings On these pages you will find current job offers of Studio Babelsberg AG.
      2. PageInternships / Trainee Positions On these pages you will find current information about internships and trainee positions offered by the Studio Babelsberg AG.
  4. FolderPublic Relations 
    1. FolderPress releases Press releases of Studio Babelsberg AG: Cinema launches, world premieres, film awards, co-productions, 100 years of Studio Babelsberg
    2. FolderDownload 
      1. PageStudio lot Studio Babelsberg download section: Photos and aerial photos of our sound stages, back-lots and aircraft mock-up.
      2. PageExecutive Board Studio Babelsberg download section: Photos of the board members Dr. Carl L. Woebcken, Christoph Fisser, Marius Schwarz
      3. PageStudio Booklets Studio Babelsberg download area brochures: Production Services, ateliers, stages, film studios, props, costume studio.
    3. PageStudio Tour Our Studio Tour gives you a rare behind-the-scenes-look at the departments of Studio Babelsberg: costume or make-up studio, the props department or the carpentry, the legendary Marlene-Dietrich-Stage or the backlot.
    4. PageCommitment As a company with a long tradition we are aware of our social and cultural responsibility. Studio Babelsberg’s multifaceted corporate commitment focuses on supporting young talents and upcoming filmmakers.
    5. PageDates & Events On the website of Studio Babelsberg AG, you will find selected events, concerts and film launches.
  5. FolderInvestor Relations 
    1. PageShare Studio Babelsberg AG - news for shareholders, investors and analysts. German and international film productions at Babelsberg.
    2. PageCorporate Structure Studio Babelsberg AG, Investor Relations: Organizational Chart of Corporate Structure
    3. PagePublications Studio Babelsberg AG, downloads Investor Relations: Annual Reports, Annual General Meetings, corporate and market studies, articles of association
    4. PageFinancial Calendar Studio Babelsberg AG, Investor Relations: Financial calendar, appointments, Annual General Meetings
  6. FolderContact 
    1. PageMap of the Studio Lot On these pages you will find the map of the studio lot and the ground plan to download (PDF).
    2. FolderDirections Getting here: On these pages you can download the directions to the Filmstudios Babelsberg.
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